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Dioscovite Natural Alternative for Sickle Cell Anemia

Dioscovite is composed of nutrients that appear in food that has been eaten for centuries.  One of these foods is the African Yam. 

The name Dioscovite is composed of two components: Dioscoria means Yam, and Vite which represents Vitamin.  

Therefore Dioscovite is a coined name representing Yam Vitamin.

Dioscovite Mechanism of Action

As you probably know, those who suffer from Sickle Cell have a different type of Hemoglobin in their Red Blood Cells. This is called Hemoglobin S.  

Dioscovite works by undergoing a series of chemical reactions in the Red Blood Cell leading to a metabolite interacting with Hemoglobin S correcting the polarity that 

differentiates Hemoglobin S from normal Hemoglobin. By doing this, this prevents the Hemoglobin S from clumping together and leading to Sickled Cells. 

Once this occurs Hemoglobin S behaves like the Hemoglobin A. Therefore Dioscovite stops sickle cell crisis and sickle cell pain by attacking the problem at the molecular 


A Person with Sickle Cell Anemia can have achieve a healthy, pain-free life by stopping sickle cell crisis and sickle cell pain with DIOSCOVITE.

NOTE - You can't buy from the link because it's $75 for USA and international buyers... 

But for Nigerians, it's N12,000 for a 60ml bottle that will last at least for or more than a month

Price - N12,000

To Order or more inquiries;

Whatsapp - 08055335300

Call - 08023901922

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