Sponsored Post : Invest in Agriculture with Agbeloba Loko Horizon 3 from Oxford Montero Homes (Call OR Whatsapp - 08039273777)

Introducing Agbeloba Loko Horizon 3 from Oxford Montero Homes

Oxford Montero homes is one the member companies that have about five (5) wholly owned subsidiaries, of which Oxford montero homes and properties  Limited is the pioneer.

Oxford Montero homes and properties limited is a company that was originally formed to venture into REAL ESTATE business and investment 
but has now diversified into AGRIC business solely insured by Leadway Assurance Plc.

We are currently into pepper farming and we are in the process of acquiring vast quantities of land for the planting of other food crops tagged "Agbeloba loko Horizon 3".

Some of the land acquisitions would be made available for sale to our farmers at competitive prices while the rest would be used for planting commercially 
viable food crops so as to increase food production in Nigeria.

We are inviting investors to fund our Agric investment packages which currently are classified into four (4) packages listed below, 
depending on the tenor or duration  of the Agric Investments and associated returns on investment (ROI)

I)  One (1) Year Tenor With ROI of 50% Flat

An investor is paid an ROI of 50% flat on the investment of a minimum of N100,000.00 for one year.

II)  Eleven (11) Months Tenor With ROI of 45% Flat

An ROI of 45% flat is payable to an investor who places a minimum of N100,000.00 for 11 months.

III) Ten (10) Months Tenor With ROI of 40% Flat

An investor is paid an ROI of 40% flat or N40,000 only if he/she invest a minimum of N100,000.00 with us for 10 months.

IV) Nine (9) Months Tenor With ROI of 35% Flat

An investor receives an ROI of 35% flat or N35,000.00 if he/she invest a minimum of N100,000.00 with us for 9 months.

It is very glaring that these ROIs are attractive and more competitive than money market instruments 
such as treasury bills and fixed deposits which are currently offering lesser ROIs in the financial market.

It should be noted that investing in the above PRODUCTS is a sure way of growing PASSIVE INCOME since the investor is exempted from taking part in the generation of the related INCOME.

Further Information and Enquiries Kindly Call OR Whatsapp - 08039273777

Thank you.

OUR WEBSITE - www.monterohomesandpropertiesng.com

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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