Sponsored Post : Order your Uwabro Electrical Re-useable Sockets ( suitable for high Voltage Appliances, like Electric lrons, Electric Kettles, Freezer, Hair Dressing Equipments etc ) Call or Whatsapp 09035034844


We Manufacture and Sell this Nigeria Made Durable and Re-useable Sockets

This is the only socket that has reusable value in Nigeria today, while the other ones are disposable when they spoil as any part of it can be replaced if it spoils.

Product Name, (Uwabro Electrical  Sockets")

Durability & Quality  Combined = quality  statement 

Functions: suitable for high Voltage  Materials, like Electric lrons, Electric  Kettles, Freezer, Hair  Dressing Equipments etc,

Good for  recording studios, Event planning, Out door  Engagements, Brocasting Houses, Film Recording etc. 

Because of it's Serviceability status, it last longer than any other socket, as any part of it can be replaced at anytime. 

The Cables are made of  Copper wires.

The 16 ways has 5 yds cable, while the 6 ways and 4 ways has 3 -4 each with standard plugs to match. 

The lnternal work is perfect, It has been in the market since 2007, and there has never been a return or Complain from Buyers.

" The test of the Pudding  is said, is in the eating"

Prices from #6,500.

Distributor's terms are negotiable

Sockets available are;

The 16 ways are N15,000

The 6 ways are N6,500

while the 4 ways are N5,500

It is Very strong, You can plug iron, Fridge, Fan , Electric cooker at the same time

Churches can use them as well events.

We deliver Nationwide  

Location - Lagos

Call or Whatsapp - 09035034844 OR 08129579253 to order for bulk purchase or retail.

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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