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Forsage is the world's 1st decentralized network marketing matrix plan on the Ethereum blockchain.
Forsage Ethereum Smart Contract is a platform whereby you can make money solely from REFERRALS, SPILLOVERS, OVERFLOWS AND OVERTAKING

REFERRAL LINK -  https://forsage.io/i/fgrlvq/

It is literally the most innovative network marketing program ever. Get started now for only 0.05 ETH ($10) & /Earn up to $6000 in 30 days!

Forsage is fully decentralized & ran by code, not human beings!

You can join our team, with our strategic planning we help all our members get down lines without stress.
( for those who can't convince people to join the program) You just sign up and see your profits grow.

How to Register

- Install Trust Wallet on your phone from Google play store or Matamask on your Laptop/PC
- After installation of the trust wallet app or Matamask
- Create an account.
- Then fund your Ethereum wallet.
- Go to DApps and paste this link https://forsage.io/i/fgrlvq/ on the search or URL space.
- Click Enter.

It will take you to the website.
Change the Russian Language to English by Russia flag to English, if it doesn't change automatically to English Language.

- Click on the Green Button that shows Automatic Login/Registration
- Click Check on the next page.
- Confirm your Payment.
Congratulations, your Registration is Successful.

How to Login

- Go to DApps on your Trust Wallet and paste the link https://lk.forsage.io/auth on the space for search or URL and click enter.
- On the next page, click on Automatic Login/Registration.
It will take you to your account.
Copy your referral link and take note of your ID.

To Upgrade to Higher Levels

- After you have entered your account from your Trust Wallet through DApps.
- Then click on the next slot ( both in X3 and X4 package in each case) that has a basket image.
- Confirm your purchase

You should not worry about failing and crashing, it will never crash because:
it's not dependent on the human factor

It's impossible to close the contract

It pays instantly to your registered ethereum wallet, there's no accumulation and no need to withdraw

But one thing, you should know is that it's a lifetime investment, it only requires patience, teamwork, dedication

Join our team for fast growth: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KrRVQMguB4q9dqa71ZFfsF

Kindly watch this video for more knowledge on how to get started - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgz2k8OVFGg

Thank you for taking the bold step to join this lifetime opportunity!!!

Call or Whatsapp For more enquiries - 08036773320

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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