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GORON TULA - A SEX REMEDY especially for Woman
(Work as aphrodisiac,increase Libido, produce wetness in Woman)

ENGLISH NAME: Tree Hibiscus,azanza, snot apple (African chew gum)
BOTANICAL NAME: Azanza Garckeana
Nigeria Local Name : Goron Tula(Hausa)

Azanza garkeana known as goron tula in gombe state and morojwa in Botswana is a valuable edible indigenous fruit
widely distributed in Tula, kaltungo local government area of GOMBE state Nigeria.
It's is an indigenous fruit tree species that is semi domesticated by the people of tula village they believe that the fruit helps increase fertility in women. '
The tree provides fodder their animals, timbers for firewood, shades soil conversation and bark and root are utilized for health purposes.
This fruit helps women reach orgasm, and also wetness  for those who suffer from vagina dryness.

It's also very good for men with
 - erectile dysfunction,
- helps fight low libido,
- helps control blood pressure and diabetes. .
 Goron tula has so many health benefits and is a must have for every man and woman with these issues.
Are you suffering from
- vagina dryness?
- Low libido?
- Not been able to satisfy your spouse or    partner ?
- Quick ejaculation

The fruits are eaten when ripe. They are chewed like gum producing a sweet taste .This is probably why it is given the name 'African Chewing gum'.
Some people dry them and reconstitute later. '
The fruits could be soaked in a small amount of water to make jelly or they could also be boiled to make porridge.

= Powdered form are mixed with warm water and honey if desired

Goron Tula a Sex Remedy
Goron Tula comes as a natural remedy to solve this serious problem and much more.
This fruit is to make ladies wet and ready for sex while also making men enjoy having sex with their partners.
Every woman needs a wet vagina to have a heightened sexual experience.

This wonder nut has been a secondary remedy for sexual erectile dysfunction in men.

It is also used to promote better sexual urge and gratification, a stimulating lubricant for sexual experiences.

Boost fertility level in women looking to conceive. GoronTula,
which is experimentaly proven and tested with both practical and laboratory tests
was certified to increases fertility amongst women who find difficulty conceiving by balancing Menstrual cycle and Cramps.

Helps to keep the vagina walls clean as a result of the wetness. No bad odor whatsoever. It's a natural Vagina wall cleanser.
Excellent for menopausal women who do not produce enough vagina wetness or do not desire sex. Balances female hormones.
It increases the female & male low libido
It tastes slimy sweet and slippery in your mouth when eating it. this fruit will upgrade your sex level to the fullest.
Among others benefit . 

Location - Ikorodu, Lagos

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