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Rain Soul is a product that taps into this natural power of seeds by extracting nutrients directly from their origin.
Non-GMO and preservative-free, Rain Soul consists of an organic formula that will give you the synergistic boost that you need to look and feel healthy.

Rain Soul is the first product of its kind, setting a new trend on the cutting edge of the health supplement market.
What began as a project by doctors to develop a supplement for young cancer patients, which could pack concentrated levels of nutrients.
Rain Soul is now used by everyone from high-performance athletes to everyday health-conscious consumers.

Rain Soul has Antioxidant that your body needs in the most convenient form you can find.

Why you need to use Rain products?
- Supports your immune system
- Can significantly slow down the aging of the cells
- Speeds up the regeneration process in the body
- Increases energy, performance and endurance
- Neutralizes free radical damage
- Supports the cardiovascular functions
- Contributes to optimal body weight
- Relives post-exercise muscle pain
- Helps reduce DNA damage
- Strenghten skin tone
- Diverse and high quality nutrients
- Excellent source of essential fatty acids
- Great source of Resveratrol
- Non-GMO seeds
- Supports overal well being

A Box - N30,000
Two Boxes - N56,000

Nationwide Delivery
Within Lagos - N1000 - N1500
Outside Lagos - N2000 - N2500

Location - Iju Agege, Lagos, Nigeria

Call or Whatsapp 08037544404 to place your order.

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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