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At Buff Masters, We offer Professional Service of Car Buffing, Polishing, Waxing and More.

This Process is referred to as Buffing: it removes surface scratches and scars from car body and brings out the intense shine quality for any vehicle color.
Buffing preserves any Car colour paint for a minimum of 2 years, it leaves the car body smooth thereby making it to resist  dust and rainwater stain.
The Chemical Mido used in Buffing enters into the 2nd layer of the paint to bring out the original colour and intense shine quality of any vehicle.

Duration of Buffing in hours; maximum of (2-3)hrs.
Has 4 years warranty on any vehicle after the process.
Buffing has many advantages and no disadvantage.
The more you wash the car, the glower it appears and shines.

We also refurbish dead heaplamps, remove stained rainbow dents on all tinted glasses

Buffing, The new technology that leaves the car polished for more than 2years.

both numbers on the flier for call and WhatsApp

Office Address - J.O Ebenighe Filling Station, Coker Bus Stop, By Ibuzor Road, Asaba, Delta.

Call or Whatsapp - 08139576786/09032758983

Watch Video on Youtube : https://youtu.be/EKgsAlotQTs

Contact: Infinity Productions 
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