Why Saraki, Others Want Oshiomhole Out - Lawmaker

Details have emerged why some lawmakers are aggrieved with APC National leader and demanding for his removal.
Adams Oshiomhole
The lawmaker representing Egor/Ikpoba-Okha constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon Ehiozuwa Agbonnayima, has accused the People’s Democratic Party of blackmailing National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.
According to The Nation, Agbonnayima explained that the purpose for the blackmail is because the PDP knows that they have no hope of winning the election with Oshiomhole as Chairman of the ruling party.
Agbonnayima, who spoke in a chat with newsmen in Bénin City, said Senate President, Bukola Saraki, had not business making any statement against Oshiomhole.
He noted that the reason the PDP is making noise and using politics of castigation as well as black mailing people is because they have nothing to showcase as achievements.
The lawmaker said the PDP has nothing to tell Nigerians as next year’s general elections would be about past antecedents.
According to him, “When they were given opportunity to serve, they served into their pockets. The people on the street will tell you PDP only got 20 percent pass mark while in office. That is total failure

“They are now shedding crocodile tears. The Senate President has no business making any statement against Oshiomhole. The PDP wants Oshiomhole to fail because they know that with Oshiomhole as Chairman, there is no hope for them during the elections.

“They are blackmailing Oshiomhole to make him leave office but they will fail. They failed before they will fail again. When Saraki was in APC, he said many good things about Oshiomhole. Go and check what he is saying now.

“Under the PDP, undeclared crude oil left the shores of this country. The evidences are there. The US government brought documents on how they sold crude oil abroad and the money went to private pockets. Where is all the money the PDP spent on the power sector? They spent N300bn on roads but where are the roads. President Buhari is three years in office, look at what is happening.

“I was Chairman of the Board of Nigeria Railway Corporation under the PDP. When we planned to have standard gauge and brand new coaches but they bought refurbished coaches. I challenged them. When those equipment came, they were refurbished equipment. I refused to commission those rubbish. Look at the all the coaches under Buhari, they are brand new and state of the art. Go and look at Abuja Airport. The APC government has turned it around. We are not where the PDP took us to. We now have $47.3bn in foreign reserve. By now, the PDP would have squandered the money.”


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