Photos: Brilliant 17-year-old Nigerian girl bathed with acid by married woman who claimed she saw her snatch her husband in a dream

This 17-year-old Nigerian girl, Judith JohnPaul, who made distinctions in her WAEC examination was allegedly bathed with acid by a married woman simply identified as Madam Josephine, because she claimed she saw the girl and her mother chasing her in a dream. In that same dream, she said that Judith also snatched her husband, who is a driver.

According to Christian Onwugbolu, who confirmed the report, Judith, who is said to be the brightest in her family, can't breastfeed her children when she eventually has them because her breasts are completely damaged. The acid attack also left her blind in one eye. 

"Judith is in dire need of your help. Like I told you before, she's putting up a good fight for survival but a lot needs to be done. Her mother is the person with me in one of these pictures. The family can barely tide by daily, so, this is way above it. While the legal aspect is being handled by the relevant authorities, let's do our part. That 'little' will do much.


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