UNBELIEVABLE: Emmanuela’s is Pregnant ! See Face of the Man Responsible for Emmanuela’s Pregnancy?

Emmanuella Samuel, popularly known as Emmanuella ,a young Nigerian female Comedian who has been featured in the Mark Angel Comedy videos such as “Emanuella Sleep,” “My Real Face,” and several others was reported to have fallen preg.nant about 2 months ago, and the father of her unborn baby has finally been named, according to her uncle,Mark Angel.
”We had great plans for her as far as her education and acting was concerned, now it seems like we’ve been robbed of our dreams after noticing that she is about 2 months preg.nant. From the look of things she says she was impreg.nated by Osita Iheme, one of the prominent actors in Nigerian screens.
I cannot divulge more details but we might consider abor.tion if the worst comes to the worst because Osita is a married man”,said Mark Angel.
Emmanuella started comedy when she was still in Primary 1 (Basic One) and she has won Won G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award 2015.Mark Angel discovered Emmanuella when she was born, he realised she was capable of being influenced positively.
She did everything she was told to do even though she was really young. Also, he realized that she was talented. He simply groomed her and introduced her to the showbiz.
It takes Emmanuella 3-5 shots to get one scene right and sometimes, when she is not getting it, she will be allowed to sleep and when she wakes up, she will memories and get the scene right.
Her parents have been so supportive in her comedy life and she is an influential child.
Emmanuella made her first appearance at Julius Agwu’s show as an upcoming act for the first time on stage and she also made another one at Funnybone’s show.
She has won Won G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award 2015.


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